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Berlin’s newly appointed Cheif Curator Ellen Blumenstein « KW Institute Berlin


View of glass facade of Kunsthaus Bregenz

Over 25 art publications are presented in ENGLISH  giving viewers an idea of  what to expect from curator Ellen Blumenstein in the upcoming year.

Interview with Erika Hoffmann
28 Nov 2011 Berlin, Germany
Language: English
Published in Flash Art

THE T-I-T-L-E-E-R/Artissima International Fair for Contemporary Art06 Nov 2011 Torino, ItalyLanguage: English
Wunder (Miracles)23 Sep 2011 Hamburg, GermanyLanguage: EnglishPublished in Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Acts of refusal: fleeing, dreaming, repeating, watching etc.15 Sep 2011 Tartu, EstoniaLanguage: English
Art is a space of possibility that must be proteced14 Sep 2011 Berlin, GermanyLanguage: EnglishPublished in 7th Berlin Biennial Zeitung
Monographic Essay on Alicia Frankovich01Sep 2011 Auckland, New ZealandLanguage: EnglishPublished in Volume Magazine
Thesis Show at Piet Zwart Institute08 Jul 2011 Rotterdam, NetherlandsLanguage: English
Ólafur Ólafsson / Libia Castro, Icelandic Pavilion, Venice Biennial03 Jun 2011 VeniceLanguage: EnglishPublished in Under Deconstruction: Icelandic Pavilion at the Venice Biennial
What Is Lecture Performance?An Introduction to an Extended Investigation01 May 2011 BerlinLanguage: EnglishPublished in Perform a Lecture! (Ed.), argobooks
Sweet Idleness – On the Resistive Practice of Mladen Stilinović22 Apr 2011 Budapest, HungaryLanguage: EnglishPublished in Exhibition Catalog: Sing! – Mladen Stilinović Retrospective at Ludwig Museum Budapest
ALMOST UTOPIA: How Storytelling Can Recast and Alternative Memory of Public Space – On the Audio Work of Anca Benera01 Jan 2011 RomaniaLanguage: EnglishPublished in Anca Benera: Matter and History
The Man Who Wasn’t There14 Nov 2010 Lisbon, PortugalLanguage: English
Make more mistakes and make them faster!
A film program on the occasion of the solo exhibition Bye Bye Utopia by raumlaborberlin, Kunsthaus Bregenz
25 Sep 2010 Bregenz, AustriaLanguage: English
an evening with films on the individual’s relation to public / political / social / economic space.
23 May 2010 Tempelhof airport, BerlinLanguage: English
Perform a Lecture!
Series of 6 events on performance lectures, supported by Capital Culture Fund.
08 May 2010 Berlin, GermanyLanguage: English
Salon Populaire: space for discussion on art and related topics
04 May 2010 Berlin, GermanyLanguage: English
The Human Stain – In Search of Subjectivity in Conceptual Art of the 1960s and Concept-Related Works01 Sep 2009 Santiago de Compostela, SpainLanguage: English
Around the Water Cooler at THE OFFICE’s Far-Flung Performances05 Aug 2009 New YorkLanguage: EnglishPublished in Art in America 
THE OFFICE curatorial collective
01 Jun 2009 Berlin, GermanyLanguage: English
Männerfantasien01 Jan 2009 Los AngelesLanguage: EnglishPublished in Männerfantasien. Exhibition Catalogue, argobooks, Berlin. 2008
HOME ALONE: Some Proposals on How to Deal With It18 Dec 2008 BerlinLanguage: English
On the Necessity to Discuss Social Functions of Contemporary Art.
01 Jul 2008 Sao PauloLanguage: English
Männerfantasien01 Jan 2008 Berlin, GermanyLanguage: EnglishPublished in the occasion of the exhibition of the same name at COMA – Center for Opinions on Music and Art, Berlin
Name Your Desire (for Between Two Deaths catalog)12 May 2007 Karlsruhe, GermanyLanguage: EnglishPublished in Exhibition Catalogue
Tracing – on the relationship of man and nature in the work of
Ulrich Gebert
01 Jan 2007 Dresden, GermanyLanguage: EnglishPublished in catalogue essay on the occasion of the MARION ERMER Art Prize
THE PAIN GAMELuxembourgLanguage: English

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