sich damenhaft benehmen.

Mary Button Durell

When I came across the work of Mary Button Durell, a San Francisco-based artist, I was instantly drawn in. Her sculptures are otherworldly and beautiful. And I was completely surprised when I found out the simple process she  employs to create them. Each is built primarily from just two simple things: tracing paper and wheat paste. The forms are carefully constructed one layer at a time to create rigid, self-supporting structures, which are then attached to one another to create complex, multi-celled systems.

The real beauty in these pieces is Durell’s use of such simple materials to capture light and redirect it into beautiful washes and shadows. The pieces are so colorful, even though (and also because) the use of color is so restrained.  To read more about Durell’s process and get a glimpse into her workspace, there’s a great interview with her over at In the Make.

All images: Mary Button Durell

Author: messerwerferin


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