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Myownbike – Single Speeds und fixies aus Düsseldorf

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The Bicycle Factory “Myownbike” from Düsseldorf specializes in customized single speed and fixed gear bikes at the highest standard of quality. Each Myownbike is completely designed by the customer and make it a unique focal point – straightforward, elegant, pure, unique. Using a specially developed configurator can be picked all the parts of the bicycle and colored independently of the RAL color palette: Whether online from your home computer or directly to an iPad in Düsseldorf store, so of their own creativity knows no bounds.
In this context, we realized – Dietaikonauten – the complete corporate design of the factory and put more emphasis on on-line configurator directly tethered with Magento. In the variety of user-customization platform it was paid, is positioned by a characterful branding and direct focus on the customer and his product more. Here are a telling picture emerged brand, a shopping portal with high usability and a number of elements for the design of the interiors and bicycles.

via und DieTaikonauten creative studio for digital communications 

Author: messerwerferin



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