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Floppy Portraits • Nick Gentry

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As technology continues to adopt new materials, forms and shapes, what do we do with the technology that is left behind? Most of us think of it as waste while Nick Gentry, a British artist graduate from Central St. Martins, finds ways to give them new meaning and extend the dialogue between humankind and technology.

I don’t know about you but I grew up in an era when floppy disks, cassette and VHS tapes were carried about in everyone’s school bag at school. We used to share our music by borrowing handed out tapes swearing we would return it safely. Computer games where shared through multiple floppy disks and we all had our own iterations of the best mix tape straight from the radio. So much content, information and data was embedded into those storage devices and now they seem to be only a slight flashback of our past. What is it to do with this media that we invested so much time, taste and emotion? Even though the days of sharing VHS, floppy disks and cassette tapes are gone, Nick Gentry, a British graduate of Central St. Martins has a strong connection to these media forms and wants you to send him yours if you have any.

The exploration of how humankind is integrating with technology continues to be pivotal to Nick Gentry‘s work. As we continue to be beings of social learning, our evolution to adopting and innovating in technology will continue to increase this fragile tipping point of intense dependency.

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