sich damenhaft benehmen.

Finally, a walking stick that doesn’t look like it was stolen from a hospital—or an antique shop. Designers Allan Zadeh and Rie Nørregaard looked to the grace and ease of Scandinavian furniture and bicycles and the craftsmanship of hockey sticks and skateboards for the generous hand-finished birch handle, with its grips for better hold. The enhanced performance of the unique handle shape means the hand and weight positions directly above the patented tip for maximum stability. The synthetic rubber tip, made from the same material in high-performance athletic shoes, provides cushioning and traction. And the entire thing leans against a wall without falling over. The blond, light-weight birch is hand-finished with Livos oil, an all-natural wood treatment based on renewable raw plant materials and harmless to living things. The high-strength, light-weight aluminum shaft is finished in American bicycle paint. The cane is environmentally and ecologically friendly and completely recyclable. Omhu (om-who) is Danish for “with great care,” and the Allan and Rie took just that in this cane that provides light to moderate support as life happens and an individual’s abilities alter.

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gangsta granny style

Author: messerwerferin



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