sich damenhaft benehmen.

Stop Stamping on Us « Vimeo


Visuals by : Stuart Sinclair

Music : BretonLABS

This is my second experimental visual using the Canon MP-E 65mm Macro Lens. I have been finding my little friends on my balcony.

I’ve been amazed by what some of these creatures look like close up. I built a little Macro studio ( as it’s easier to control the light and the subject itself. Had to film most of them through a plastic pot which did distort the quality some what, but I’m still learning how to use this lens.

The Filming I did as and when I found the subjects and the graphics maybe took a week, mainly to due to the fact I had to hand track a lot of the text.

I need to invest in some proper Lights as this lens at 5x magnification needs everything you got.

Hope you enjoy!

Lens MP-E 65MM
Camera 550D


Author: messerwerferin


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